Managing Board

7/20/2021 9:26:12 PM

1. Cell Secretary, Dean: Dr. Nguyễn Thị Quyết












Phone: 0988121899


Office: 203A7

Duties: takes general responsibility for all activities of the Faculty.

1. Personnel organization; ideological political; emulation and commendation, administrative and financial work of the faculty

2. Direct the construction of the school year plan and activities of the Faculty Council;

3. Training: Training program; direct the implementation of teaching and learning plans.

4. The head of the ISO department of the unit: direct the quality assurance work and set the quality goals; Implement quality assurance and self-assessment activities; Report on implementation of quality assurance plan monthly, quarterly and annually.

5. Reporting: Report on the implementation of the monthly plan according to the school's plan

6. Direct the exam according to the schedule; inspect and approve the exam question banks, syllabus.

7. Direct science and technology activities of teachers and students, workshops, academic exchanges, and international cooperation.

2. Cell Vice-Secretary, Vice Dean: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Minh


















Phone: 0936086678



Duties: Assist the Dean in charge of the following areas:

1.Training: Monitor the teaching and learning plan, teaching and learning habits of teachers and students; students’ classroom observation and practicum.

2. Union work: responsible for Art & sport work, Sanitation work; Security work; Fire protection work; direct activities of unions: Trade-union, Youth Union, Student Union, Clubs.

3. Student work; consultant work;

4. Facilities, machine room.

5. Campaigns implementation

6. Faculty’s website development

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Minh performs his duties and reports periodically or irregularly to the Dean of the Faculty.