Establishment and Development

7/20/2021 9:19:05 PM


Faculty of Foreign Languages was established from the merger of the Foreign Languages Department at Thanh Hoa College of Education, the Division of Foreign Languages at Thanh Hoa Medical College and Foreign Languages Center at Thanh Hoa College of Economics and Technical Industries. Being one of the most important faculties of education and training at Hong Duc university, Faculty of Foreign Languages has the following duties:

1) Train teachers of English for all levels ranging from tertiary education to nursery education in the country; teach English to English non-majored staff members, postgraduate and undergraduate students at Hong Duc university; help develop English competence of staff working in different units and boards in Thanh Hoa as well as any learners when required;

2) Conduct research for the purpose of professional development, contributing to the growth of human resources who have good competence of foreign languages which meets social demands.

1.1. Managing Board

Dr. Nguyễn Thị Quyết - Cell Secretary, Dean

- Dr. Nguyễn Thanh Minh - Cell Vice-Secretary, Vice-Dean

1.2. Teaching staff

The Faculty has 33 teaching staff, including 2 Ph.Ds, 27 Masters and 2 Graduates.

1.3. Division 

- Division of English Language Skills Development 

- Division of Linguistics - Culture and English Language Teaching Methodologies

- Division of Foreign Languages for Non-majored Students


2.1. Achievements of education and training

Curriculum of 4-year Course of Undergraduate in English Language Teacher Education

Curriculum of 3-year Course Undergraduate in in English Language Teacher Education

Curriculum of 4-year Course of Undergraduate in English Language

Curriculum of English Teaching based on Vietnam's Foreign Language Competency Framework

Curriculum of French Teaching based on Vietnam's Foreign Language Competene Framework

During 23 years of development, the Faculty has trained 19 courses of English majored students, including more than 3000 4-year-course undergraduates and more than 1000 3-year-course undergraduates, more than 200 second-degree students; taught foreign languages to thousands of students from different majors of Hong Duc university.

2.2. Progress in research conduction

Up to now the Faculty has successfully held 04 inter-universities conferences; 1-2 annual university-level conferences, 1-2 faculty-level conferences; 30 provincial and university-level research projects by teaching staff; 25 journal articles in international conferences' booklets; 30 articles in national conferences' booklets; hundreds of articles in specialized journals. Students’ research engagement has been also improved. Each year there are 5-7 groups of students conducting university-level research projects, 2-3 of which are awarded with high rankings.

2.3. Significant international cooperation and contribution

From 2007 to 2021, the Faculty has received 08 British scholars, 01 Canadian scholar, 06 American scholars who support the education and training for teaching staff and students; cooperated with the US Embassy to hold Annual English Olympic Contest for students; exchanged students in international program such as Asian Culture Quiz, ASEAN Quiz. The teaching staff and students have also enthusiastically participated in international cooperation programs, projects and activities in the province and the university such as the Conference for Commerce and Tourism Promotion, OVOP, National Tourism Year 2015, ACCCU projects, the Conference of Climate Changes; exchanged teaching methodologies, professional development and culture communication with international institutions and organizations such as The Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; the University of Carleton, Canada; the University of New York, the USA; the University of Massey, New Zealand; International Education Center, France. Some students have had opportunities to exchange and study in the USA, Canada, Thailand, China, etc.


The Faculty continues to develop its training mode with 2 new majors (Master of Arts in English Language Teacher Education and Bachelor of Arts in English Interpretation and Translation) and perfect the organizational structure (by establishing the Division of English Teaching Methodologies) in order to improve teaching and learning quality to satisfy the social demands; increase the number and upgrade the quality of research projects, especially large scale projects, increusse the number of international journal articles; focus on in-service professional development order to meet the requirements of tertiary education in the era of integration.