7/20/2021 9:28:56 PM

1) Division of Linguistics-Culture and English Languages Teaching Methodology

Head of division: Mr Tran Manh Trung - Master of Arts in TESOL Studies, Hanoi National University of Education

The division is in charge of teaching courses mainly for students of English Pedagogy and English Language pertain to:

- Linguistics:  Phonetics, Lexicology – Semantics, Discourse Analysis, Cognitive linguistics, Pragmatics, Contrastive analysis, Second language acquisition

- Culture: Cross Culture Communication, Intercultural Communication, British and American Culture, British and American literature

- English teaching methodology: English language teaching techniques, English language teaching theory, Development of teaching materials, Assessment in language teaching

- Translation and Interpreting courses

These courses provide students with background knowledge and deeper understanding of internal structure of language for the sake of fostering students’ capability for language acquisition, language research and interpretation and translation so as to facilitate their learning quality and learning experience. Simultaneously, these courses sharpen students’ skills in analyzing and utilizing the language as well as equipping them with other employment skills.

2) Division of English Languages Skills Development

Head of division: Dang Thi Nguyet - Master of Arts in TESOL Studies, The University of Adelaide.

The division is responsible for teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills to English-majored students in order to enable them to develop from the Pre-intermediate to Advanced level, or from level B1 to C1 in the CEFR accordingly. These courses provide students with language background, practice opportunities and hands-on support that will enable them to gain a high level of competence in English. Also, students can enjoy a wide range of study activities during the training program through project-based learning and make use of a wide range of English clubs and competitions which aim to enhance their language learning experience. Through language skills, we want to give our students the capacity to utilize the language they have acquired in contexts and at the same time foster their critical skills, presentation skills, problem-solving skill and teamwork collaboration in order to enable them to engage more in the academic world and in their lifelong learning.

In recent years, Division of English Skills Development has made efforts to support student learning by focusing on transforming teaching methods, applying different methods of assessment and applying new technologies in language teaching.

3) Division of Foreign Languages for Non-majored Students

Head of division: Le Thi Huong - Master of Arts in TESOL Studies, University of Languages and International Studies.

The division’s duty is to teach English to English non-majors in accordance with B1 and B2 level in CEFR. These courses provide students with skills such as: understand the main points of clear texts in standard language if they are about topics with which they are familiar in work or study, produce simple texts about topics which they are familiar or in which they have persona interest, describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations as well as briefly justifying opinions or explaining plans.

Besides, the French courses are designed for English majors as a second foreign language. They attempt to introduce students to another language that is increasingly popular in addition to the global English language.